Question: What about accommodation?
Answer: For the full service plan Absolutely Canadian Outfitters offers our guests a comfortable stay in a bed and
breakfast located near the fields. We have modified it to accept only our hunter guests during the fall season.
We have also added your lunch and dinner meals to the menu.

Question: Is it possible to hunt four, five and six days?
Answer: Yes, with advance notice.

Question: What are the bag limits?
Answer: Each hunter is allowed five (limits are five Canadas in the western Manitoba areas we hunt also)
Canada geese per day. Ducks are eight per day. These limits are subject to change from year to year.
The limit went up one goose to five geese daily in 2007.

Question: What kinds of blinds are we hunting from?
Answer: In our permanent fields we use in ground pits. They are able to accommodate up to four hunters in each.
Avery Finisher blinds are used in our other fields. We have twenty quarter sections on which we have exclusive
hunting rights. Our main fields are owned outright so we can control the type of grain grown.

Question:How much walking is involved?
Answer: Geese hunting involves no distance walking. Guides drive guests right to the blinds by 4x4 or ATV. Duck hunting
is in the marsh or on our ponds over decoys or over decoys in the field and does not require any walking.

Question: What's the weather like that time of the year?
Answer: The temperature can fluctuate quite widely in fall. For the most part it is between freezing and 60 degrees.
A look at the video I can send you will show that it is often quite warm here during hunting season
but one should always bring a set of warm hunting clothes and a pair of knee rubbers boots.

Question: What about afternoon hunts?
Answer: We offer two hunts per day providing limits are not shot in the AM. Afternoons we hunt fields for ducks.
Only morning hunt on departure day.

Question: Typically, what does the actual hunt consist of concerning time and work?
Answer: My only goal here is to satisfy my customers who become my friends. All the field work is done by your guides
and they love to hunt so you will not be disappointed. Each is a registered guide in Manitoba. The duration of each
hunt is dependent on many variables including weather, geese population, ability of the shooter and so on.
As you can see in our video, opportunities are numerous.

Question: Is shooting the limit common?
Answer: It is more common to shoot your goose limit by eight or nine in the morning then not. I lease and own the best
fields surrounding Oak Hammock.

Question: Is there entertainment nearby?
Answer: Yes. We have local nightclubs and restaurants nearby. A government run casino is within 45 minutes from
your accommodations.

Question: Can I bring my dog?
Answer: Yes, you may bring your dog. We have dog blinds built into our pits. I have lots of room and accommodations
for your dog to run.

Question: Is it all Canada Geese.
Answer: We have many species of Canada geese and Snows and Blues. The Specks show up occasionally
but I wouldn't guarantee those.

I hope I have answered any questions you may have. I stand behind anything I have said with pictures and references.
Some of my guests have been with me for twenty years. Please book early since repeat parties book up quickly
leaving few spots for new clients.

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